The Spillway is OPEN!

From the day I found out I was pregnant with my first child 34 years ago until now I have been a compulsive researcher! Trips to the library for every book on breastfeeding and natural childbirth gave way to books on how to teach children to read and then on to natural home remedies.

My innate desire to do everything the “best” way by making informed decisions has stood me in good stead at times and been a deterrent to  needed action at others. Thankfully, God works all these things together for our good. So along with all the good decisions and mistakes I’ve learned a lot of useful stuff.

And just as a dam holds back water, I have been holding back sharing and blessing others for various and sundry reasons…

so…….I just did some research on “dam releases” of water: when the water pressure gets too great valves are opened to release the flow, when there is a need for water downstream people request an unleashing, and when whitewater rafters want the thrill of the sport, water is let loose!

My time to flow with ideas, blessings and exhilaration has come! I’m so excited to share the many life changing discoveries I’ve made both large and small, knowing they will bless your life in varied ways.

Over the years my husband Steve has gotten to know me well and we have our own private dialogue reminiscent of Julie Andrew’s famous song, “My Favorite Things”

I will find just the right picture to place above the sofa or the perfect gift to give my granddaughter and he will ask me, “Does it make you smile?” And I smile:)

Sharing discoveries on this journey to bring joy and help to others is what this life is all about. I have received so much, that paying  it forward is all I can do!

My wish for you today and everyday is that you SMILE.